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We at Distinctive Trading are here to embark in a journey with you in any type of food processing plant or steel construction.  We take on any project whether it is a new project or a remodelling project.  We are up for any challenge.



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Steel Construction

Design, manufacture and install


Manufacture, Supply and Install


We comply with safety procedures

Engineering, Drawings and designs

We have a highly skilled team of experts


We are fully equipped to handle any installation

Our Core Services


We have the ability to manufacture any steel construction components such as structures, gantry’s and bridges, with all pipelines, chutes and ducting’s.  We also have the ability to manufacture state of the art tanks and silo’s.


Our highly skilled team can do any type of installation with regards to steel structures, machinery, conveyors, fire fighting, pipelines and all electrical components.

Project Management

Our main area of expertise is in turnkey project management.


We follow and adhere to strict safety measurements.

Testing and commissioning

We take pride in a full quality control system that enables us to do full testing and reporting during commissioning.

Engineering and design

Our expert will evaluate and report any design.  We will consult and draw up plans to suit your requirements throughout the complete process.

Latest News about our Industry

Soya bean plant growth

South Africa is spending an estimated R1 billion on soya bean processing plant growth with the intention of unleashing an additional 1,2 million tons/year crushing capacity within the next year.

Although soya bean production has grown tremendously, with soya bean hectarage increasing by 252% and production increasing by 376% since 2001, it will take five or six years for production to match capacity. This indicates that the window for investing in soya bean plants has closed, at least until production plays catch up and increases Soya bean processing plant growth.

CEOCO Edible oil

The processing of soya beans, a facility previously based in Delmas, centres around a primary yield of soya meal, with the soya crude oil being a by-product in the processing operation. Storage of soya beans was previously located in silos across the country near farming supply points, but this storage is now being centralised on the CEOCO property.

Crushing plants

The news of developing crushing plants for soybeans has been widely welcomed. For years producers have wanted a market for their local produce. Not only would this be a good incentive for the producers, but also a means to grow the soybean industry as a whole. One of the few concerns that may arise from this development is whether the current levels of production would be enough to sustain the running of the plants.